Off To The Races

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After a few months of being without my treadmill, it is finally up and running again. My mishap a few months ago fried the main circuit board. Last week a replacement board arrived. I think it took about an hour to swap out the boards, re-lubricate the running deck, and put all the covers in place. I am looking forward to jogging again.

Recently, Rachel and I went to see “Wall-E” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” “Wall-E” had minimal dialog. I thought it was a bit dark for an animated film. However, it made a few valid points about how humans should treat our planet.

“Journey to the Center of the Earth” was just okay. If we did not get to watch in it 3D, it probably would not have been worth it. It was a typical Brendan Fraser movie: corny with a shallow plot. I wish that they had more 3D effect. I also wish it were closer to the novel or at least the first movie.