The Dark Knight

2 minute read

Rachel and I went to watch “The Dark Knight” yesterday afternoon. The movie was great. Heath Ledger did an excellent portrayal of “The Joker.” I was a bit concerned that we would not make the movie in time. I had intended on doing my homework last weekend, but I ended up catching up on some much-needed sleep. Unfortunately, this meant I was up until midnight putting the final changes on my work before I turned it in. Of course, this meant that I also slept in.

Rachel and I arrived at the theater about ten minutes before show time. I dropped off Rachel at the door while I tried to find a parking spot. I would have found a spot sooner had it not been for an inconsiderate driver. They parked their SUV over four spaces! I personally drive an SUV. And yes, due to my lack of exceptional parking skills, I might park on the dividing lines. But, I have never taken up four spaces. At least by the time I parked, Rachel had tickets in her hand.

For the last few times I went to the concession stand, I had been craving a pretzel. But, each time they had been out. This time, I was in luck. Food in hand, we headed off to find our seats. On the way, we ran into a “crazy lady.” She was pulling up her shorts up to her armpits and greeted us with a greeting that was loud enough to be heard in the next theater over. A few minutes later, she sat down several rows in front of us.

We found some nice seats and sat down just before the previews started. Well, they would have started, but I guess there was some problem in the projection room. We sat watching the “Please Turn Off Your Cell Phones” screen for several minutes. Maybe people should have paid attention.

I think people think that turning off their ringer is sufficient. Someone’s cell phone ringing during a move is definitely annoying. And, like clockwork, someone’s cell phone rang during the movie. But, seeing a bright cell phone screen in a dark movie theater is also just as annoying. I am engrossed in the movie when someone (near the “crazy lady”) starts playing with his or her cell phone. Once would have been bad enough, but they kept doing it throughout the whole movie disrupting the ambiance.

Talking during a movie is also a pet peeve of mine. Sure, the occasional laugh, scream, whatever. But, I do not want to hear a running commentary. If I did, I would wait for the DVD. I saw “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” when it came out at the world famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. It would have been a great experience if the idiot behind me had not explained the entire movie, scene by scene, to his companion. Fortunately, aside from the aforementioned “crazy lady,” there was not a lot of talking. She would occasionally (loudly) comment about the movie.

Anyway, it was a good movie to watch. I look forward to a sequel. I just wonder who could live up to Ledger’s performance.