The Detour

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I live in Lorain, OH and commute to Twinsburg, OH (about an hour away) each day. For those familiar with the area, I take 611 to 90 to 176 (Jennings) to 480. On Monday, I was on 90 near the 176 exit. I hear a traffic announcement stating that the ramp from 176 to 480 would be closed until 6:00 AM. I decided to take a “slight” detour. Yeah, I suppose if I was more familiar with the area, it would not have taken me 30 miles out of my way. If nothing else, it looks funny on a map. So, I ended up going in a circle. But, by the time I completed my circle, my ramp was open and I was able to commute like normal. I only wish I had my GPS or map handy.