Mmm Cornbread

1 minute read

Not to be outdone by my recent bakery prowess (all of four loaves of bread), Rachel made some cornbread last night. It was very good. We have been trying to eat healthier. This means that now we actually have to make a concerted effort to plan and build meals. Rachel has spearheaded this initiative by selecting recipes and building an ingredient list.

I, of course, would eat any of the recipes; I am not fussy. Rachel, on the other hand, rarely ventures into untested territory. So, when she pulled out a recipe for tuna steaks with tomatoes and feta cheese, I asked if she was feeling okay. She does not like tomatoes or feta cheese unless they are mixed in with something else. In addition, she has never had tuna steaks. She has only had the stuff in the can and is assuming that they are the same. But, I am sure that we will both enjoy the meal.

Over the weekend, we did shopping for two weeks worth of meals. It was the first time in a long time that fresh produce made up the bulk of our grocery cart. I wish that produce were as cheap here in Ohio as it is in California. But, we will manage. Buying “fresh” fish was a new experience. Our local grocery store does not have a large seafood section. We had to settle on frozen tuna steaks.

For the first time in a very, very long time, I do not believe we picked up any prepared foods this time. Nor, did we stray from our shopping list. Okay, so we went to Arby’s on the way home. But, at least we are making an effort. Last night, we had a lovely salad. It was so good that both of us are taking some for lunch today and will probably have the remainder tonight.