Flour Power

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I have been baking bread recently. After doing the math, I found that it is not cost-effective to bake your own bread. At least if you buy the ingredients in small quantities. Unfortunately, the selection is limited at the local grocery store. But fortunately, there are a few warehouses and wholesale clubs. So, this weekend I picked up ten pounds of sugar, twenty-five pounds of flour, and a brick of yeast.

Assuming I use all the ingredients, the savings add up. For example, at my normal grocery store, I could by six packets of yeast for the same price as the brick. Six packets of yeast yield six loaves. The brick will yield at least sixty. Of course, buying in bulk has some disadvantages. For example, we had to buy containers for the flour. But, they will last a long time.

On Saturday, I made two loaves of a basic white bread (some of which quickly became garlic bread). I also made some French bread last night. I think I went a bit heavy on the egg wash. But, it looks okay. I will have to wait until I get home tonight for the taste testing.