How To Meet The Chief Of Police

1 minute read

On Monday, I was reviewing transactions on my bank’s website. I noticed two charges at a local gas station that totaled over $540! I knew that they did not belong to me. I know gas is expensive, but I have never spent that much at a gas station in one day. As it was past banking hours, I had to call my bank on Tuesday. They closed our account. They also mentioned that whoever stole our information also tried to charge our account another time at a different gas station.

So, on Tuesday, I had to drive around town. The bank wanted an official letter stating that we did not make those charges. But, as Rachel is the primary accountholder, she had to sign the letter. I drafted the letter, drove to Rachel’s work, and then went to the bank. The bank figured that it was an inside job (at the gas station, not the bank) and recommended that I fill out a police report. It took a bit of sleuthing to find the appropriate police station that has jurisdiction over that gas station.

In the afternoon, I went to the police station to fill out the report. I was a bit surprised that the officer taking my report was the Chief of Police. But, it is a small station. Besides, if I were the chief, I would send everyone else out on calls while I sat inside the warm police station.

I have not heard anything yet from either bank or the police. The bank did credit our account until the issue is resolved, so we are not out that money.