Weekly Update

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It has been a busy past few days. On Wednesday, I started my next school term. This term I am taking IT350: SQL, IT274: Intermediate C#, and EL205: Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) II. The PLA classes, I hope, will let me earn credits for experience. If I earn all the credits I am attempting, I knock out six classes.

On Thursday, I received a call from Rachel. When leaving work, she found a note on her vehicle that said the police were looking for her. The note instructed her to stand by a nearby marked police car. Since she did not know what was going on, she went back inside her work. She ran into the police officer and he explained what was going on. Apparently, someone with a vehicle similar to Rachel’s had hit another vehicle and left. He said that it was definitely not her vehicle and she was free to go.

On Saturday, it started to snow. We received about an inch. It is not a lot, but it was enough where we needed to clean the snow off the vehicles. I did not really need to shovel. But, since I like to, I ended up cleaning off the driveway. As we have not had hardly any snow since then, the driveway has stayed nice and dry.

Yesterday, Rachel called me from work. She had accidentally cut her middle finger and needed to go to the emergency room. It was not life threatening. But, it looked deep enough where it might require stitches. In addition, she had to go to the hospital if she wanted to claim worker’s compensation. Unfortunately, we had to go to the same hospital where she had to sit for nearly an hour before we decided to give up and go home. Fortunately, the hospital was not busy this time. The staff cleaned and bandaged her wound. In addition, she had a booster tetanus shot.

Rachel is doing okay. Her arm is still sore from where they gave her the shot and her finger is doing better. I teased her because with her finger in a splint, it looked like she was flipping me off all last night.