Hello (Again) World

1 minute read

I started blogging back in 2003 after moving from Northern California to Northeast Ohio. Since I was suddenly working from home, I felt the need to fill the time spent commuting. Of course, it didn’t hurt to share how I was doing with my friends back home. Working in IT since 1994, I thought it was the thing to do. In reality, I was likely quite lonely.

Most of my writing revolved around the weather (I still love snow), my beagles (now departed), and technology. While it is interesting to reminisce, I haven’t decided if it is worth migrating all the old content. I spent too much time trying to craft my idealized blogging experience that my process got in the way of my content.

I started with a static website and shifted through multiple technologies. I eventually went to a content management system. The CMS worked for a while, but after one-two-many upgrades, I borked the site and didn’t want to invest my time fixing it. I started writing my own CMS. But, I eventually realized that just because I could do something didn’t mean that I should do something.

After I switched between different jobs, I realized that I could not be my authentic self. Sure, I was only writing for my enjoyment and catharsis, but I was ever-wary of what I posted. Eventually, too much filtering stopped my writing altogether.

I still don’t have a voice or direction for this blog. I expect to still explore technology and life. In the end, I just hope to find myself.