In Progress

1 minute read

I am still working on my blog. In fact, my to-do list keeps getting longer:

  • Styling / theming
  • Migration of old posts
  • Date formatting
  • Pagination
  • About page
  • Coding block styling
  • Navigation

I am sure there is more on my list. But, I’m also trying to be perfect and focus more on generating content.

When I first started my blog, I think I just had a static site. Eventually, I created an app that would generate pages. Then, I moved to the content management system (CMS) Drupal. Using a CMS facilitated my writing. But, I think I spent more time tinkering than writing.

Most of the Drupal upgrades went smoothly. But one of them went horribly awry. Sure, I had a database backup and could restore the content. But, I was frustrated enough that I ended up scrapping the site.

Currently, I am using Jekyll to generate my site. I am using GitHub to host my repo as well as to deliver the actual content. Since I am working through some AWS training, I thought about publishing it there.

AWS works well for my meeting site: It is a static site in an S3 bucket using CloudFront to deliver the content. Finally, it uses Google Domains for that domain. AWS would have been a good solution for hosting as well. But, I am leary about unconstrained costs.

Using my current setup gives me more experience with Git and GitHub. I like that publishing updates is a simple as doing a git commit followed by a git push. With the bulk of content written using Markdown, I don’t have to worry much about formatting. Besides, all my blog posts are readable even without the conversion to HTML.

Even though I started with Notepad++, I have been using Visual Studio Code for most of my writing. It is a decent editor, not to mention its Git support.