Clear as a Bell

1 minute read

This morning, I attended a free, monthly webinar hosted by Ratliff & Taylor. They provide services such as career transition and executive searches. I first ran across them in 2014 when I started the Mandel Foundation Leadership Development Program.

This morning’s focus was on leadership development. If I had one takeaway, it is that words matter. In particular, as leaders, the words we use are critical.

For me, what I found is that I am exceedingly clear in my vision. When I ask my team to work on a new project, I know precisely how the project should look. But, after an of instruction and conversation, what I realized is that I am not being explicit in my instruction.

I suspect many of us have this issue: we know what we want, but we don’t clearly articulate it to those around us. For me, this leads to a disparity between vision and execution. It also means that I need to do better in making sure my team and I are on the same page.

A challenge that I foresee is explaining the end vision without dictating the steps to get there. I don’t want to add clarity while simultaneously adding micromanagement. A related issue is limiting myself to a particular vision. Maybe there is an even better outcome.

Another realization I had is that I am hedging in my language. I haven’t decided yet why. Perhaps it is a lack of confidence. Or, maybe, I don’t want to offend others by being direct in my request.

Regardless, the webinar provided me with some things on which to contemplate.

You can find out more about upcoming events and resources through Ratliff & Taylor’s Facebook page.