Today, my wife gave me another early birthday present: a t-shirt that reads “fully vaccinated club.”

My new t-shirt

It is a good sign that we are individually and collectively on the road to recovery. Neither of us had any significant ill effects from either vaccine. I’m thankful that we can put that behind us. Of course, we are still wearing our masks in public which amounts to essentially our weekly shopping trips.

I wish more people could get their vaccines. I realize that I am privileged: I can easily navigate websites and schedule appointments. I have a work schedule and employer that supports my time off to get vaccinated. I have reliable transportation I can use.

Not everyone is so lucky. (Note that Uber is trying to help with the transportation issue.) Not everyone can take time off work or has the patience, time, or expertise to get an appointment.

What I struggle with are those people who are eligible and capable of getting vaccinated. Still, they haven’t made up their minds about it. What are you waiting for? What are the factors that go into your decision? I’m genuinely curious! 🤔