Recently, I switched to SimpliSafe for my alarm system. But, I had an issue with the doorbell buzzer: it was always buzzing. I was able to disconnect the transformer, which stopped both the buzzing and the camera feed. I purchased a new transformer and a chime. The old buzzer worked okay, but it was pretty jarring. The new one is much more pleasant.

I intended to do the rewiring myself. However, considering how difficult it was to get to the wiring and given the age of the wiring, I called in a professional. The electrician was able to swap out the transformer. But, because of ductwork added when we switched to central air, we couldn’t reach the old buzzer. Ugh! Either we stayed with the old buzzer or removed one of the cabinets to complete the replacement. We took the latter option.

It took a bit to empty the cabinet and remove it. But I’m happy that we took this route. The new chime is much more pleasing. Besides, I’m glad to get some of the older wiring replaced.

Since the new chime is quieter than the old buzzer, I can’t hear it upstairs while wearing my headphones. However, I get SimpliSafe notifications when the doorbell is pressed and if someone walks by. The motion trigger is excellent for mail carriers and package deliveries. I get a timestamped video of all activity.

Of course, another benefit is a nice view from the front porch.

The doorbell’s view