I turned forty-five today.

I’m generally not a big birthday person. I think it is because I share the date with my younger sister, and it is close (sometimes on) Mother’s Day. Part of it now is because it is so close to the anniversary of my mom’s passing.

My wife and I aren’t big partyers. So, it was a quiet night at home. My wife, however, is a good gift giver. I already mentioned my new Moss Ball pet. (Yes, it is still alive!)

Yesterday, we picked up a surprise from AC/DC Cupcakes: my wife picked out six chocolate-chip cookie dough cupcakes and six carrot cake cupcakes. They are pretty delicious. While there is a bit of frosting, it is now overly sugary. I wanted to eat them all, but they are pretty filling. We’re pacing ourselves and limiting our intake to one apiece daily. That doesn’t stop me from walking by them and asking if it is cupcake time.

Yummy chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes
Yummy carrot cake cupcakes

This morning, my wife gave me a new t-shirt. Based on the past year, it seemed appropriate.

Work from Home Employee of the Month since March 2020
My new t-shirt