Since 2009, I have worked at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C). In 2021, I decided that it was time for a change and decided to leave Tri-C. While my full-time position ended on July 30, 2021, my part-time assignment continued through the Fall 2021 semester.

Recently, I’ve been focusing on my finances. In particular, I have been more focused on a retirement fund. No, I’m not looking to retire soon. But, the sooner one plans for retirement, the better it ends up being.

After talking with a financial advisor, we decided it was best to transfer funds from OPERS and STRS Ohio. The intention was that it would be easier to manage. Additionally, I wouldn’t be penalized with inactivity fees.

Partway through the process, I ran into an issue: Even though I had officially resigned from my full-time position and had stopped teaching, I was still listed as an active employee. I had to formally resign from that position as well.

This morning was the first time I couldn’t log into Tri-C-related resources. It was a bit sad to finally close this chapter in my life. While it is sad to not be affiliated with the College, it is also a bit freeing to move forward.

Perhaps I may return to Tri-C either as an instructor or a student. But, for now, I’m happy to explore my new path.