Last weekend, Rachel and I took an extended break to celebrate my birthday and have a mini-vacation at Cedar Point. We stayed in a cabin at Lighthouse Point. It was nice to look out at the water every day and listen to the surf. Our trip’s timing was reasonably good. We had decent weather nearly the whole trip. The only “bad” weather we had was the one day when it rained early in the morning. Since we were still in bed, we didn’t care. The only possible regret I had was forgetting to bring blood pressure medication. Though, since I was relaxed the whole weekend, I figured that was almost as good.

I’m not great about receiving presents. But, I appreciate the ones I received.

Rachel got me a portable hammock. I look forward to lying in that in the evenings and on the weekends. She teased me about working from the hammock. While it would be possible to work from a hammock, I strongly suspect my productivity would go way down.

Since Rachel involved me in the buying process, I wasn’t too surprised about the hammock. But, she did surprise me with a deck of cards. She punched a hole through all the cards and put them on a large ring. Interwoven between the playing cards were handwritten cards expressing the reasons why she’s happy I’m in her life. I don’t have many bad days. But, when I do, I know that I can flip through the cards and find another reason to smile.