Trip to Boston

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At the end of last month, I added two more states to my visited list: New York and Massachusetts. I was visiting my company’s headquarters in Boston.

I work in a remote-only position. But, the leadership team asked me to attend an architectural summit along with my peers. We wanted to discuss upcoming changes to our systems and how to map them best out. For what I hope would be obvious reasons, I cannot discuss those. But I’m excited about the upcoming enhancements.

It was also great to meet coworkers in person. Though I still prefer working remotely, it was nice to interact with people I’ve worked with for the last 18 months in a more intimate setting. It is interesting the conversations and collaborations you can have with physical proximity.

Of course, the trip wasn’t just about work. We also shared multiple meals and car rides. We also took an evening to explore Level99. While I didn’t explore all the rooms, I had a fun time.

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