It’s Not a Tumor

2 minute read

A few months ago, I noticed a lump on my chest. While it didn’t feel hard, I could still feel it under my skin. I saw a slight discoloration in the area as well.

Since I already had an appointment with my general practitioner, I had them take a look. They couldn’t confirm what it was and sent me to a specialist. I was at the breast cancer center the following morning for further analysis.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for, and since this was a new location, I was understandably uneasy. But, the staff were kind and helpful. Within a few minutes of walking in, they had me checked in and a medical ID tag wrapped around my wrist.

First up was a mammogram. I don’t know how many images they took, but they did at least six different scan positions. They wanted scans on both the left and right sides for comparison. While I have more weight and fat on my chest than I’d like, it was still a struggle for the technician to get me into position and to remain still for the duration of the scan. Regardless, the technician was patient and kind. Though, I wish I had a warning before I needed to hold my breath.

Back to the waiting room for a bit, and then back in for an ultrasound. More waiting, and then back for one more ultrasound. The results were inconclusive, so the doctor ordered a biopsy for me.

Earlier this week, I went back for my biopsy. Again, the staff went out of their way to make me comfortable. They started with an ultrasound. Then, they took three samples for the biopsy.

They also inserted a breast clip. It is a small piece of metal (titanium, in my case) marking the location for a potential operation or other scans. They did another ultrasound to confirm the location and bandaged me up before sending me off to get two more mammograms. At least this time, it was less painful–Perhaps, because they had injected the area with lidocaine before the biopsy.

After getting home, I had to treat the area with ice. A few days later and the pain has subsided. Though, I still have bruising and an array of steri-strips arranged like an asterisk.

Fortunately, the test results came out yesterday, indicating that the mass is benign. Specifically, it is a hemangioma. While technically a tumor, it is non-cancerous, which was my main concern. And, as my boss pointed out, the good news is a good start to the weekend.