This past week was Thanksgiving in the US and, for my wife and I, our twenty-second anniversary. Many people travel and visit family and friends this time of year. While we agreed we could use a break, we weren’t too keen to travel at this time of year.

As mundane as it sounds, we opted to stay home this year. I was due for a vacation. Though I would get Thursday and Friday off for the holiday, I took off the entire week. Instead of having a traditional Thanksgiving meal, we decided to have holiday foods throughout the week.

For entertainment, we worked through our backlog of movie and streaming wishlists. I lost track of everything we watched, but my popcorn machine got quite the workout. I even went through all the specialty popcorn kernels. (Aside from a noticeable color difference in the kernels and a slight color difference when popped, we didn’t notice any taste or texture differences).

Notwithstanding our overindulgence in popcorn, sweets, and media, we had an enjoyable week.

As an update, my wife reminded me that we took a trip to Grandpa’s Cheesebarn & Sweeties Chocolates. We didn’t buy any cheeses. But, we got lots of tasty treats.

Also, my wife kept track of what we watched: