New Year’s 2024

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Happy New Year! I don’t know if one word can describe 2023. Looking at the news, especially the political bits, the year could have been better.

From a personal perspective, the only negative that directly impacted me was a cancer scare. Even then, that came out positive (or, rather, negative).

I drove to Boston and back for a business trip. Rachel and I took an unstructured vacation to Columbus. I’ve been playing around with personal projects and with AI. My work and teaching continue. And, while I enjoy both, I have yet to find a way to articulate my experience while not breaking any confidentiality rules.

A house never stops needing repairs. But, after about twenty years, we finally added new windows, doors, siding, and gutters.

After a quick reflection of the prior year, setting goals for the upcoming year is typical. While I have some goals in mind, I don’t think this is the place or time to share them.

Overall, there were some positive bits to 2023, and I am hopeful for 2024.