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This morning, I received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Just like the first dose, it was a quick and easy trip. I spent longer in the waiting room after the shot than it took me to register and get poked. Of course, the hour and a half round-trip took the most amount of time. Aside from the loss of sleep for an unusually early day, I’m glad that both my wife and I received our doses. Now, I play the two-week waiting game while I monitor for symptoms.

I was a bit anxious to get my shot. It isn’t because I don’t believe in vaccines; clearly, I believe. It’s because other people need them more. Since my wife is furloughed and I am working remotely, we’ve avoided most contact.

But, not everyone is so privileged. Every time I go to the grocery store, I deal with patrons who don’t wear masks correctly or follow directional signs. As high as my annoyance goes, I’m reminded of the cashiers and other staff who have to deal with them for hours at a time.

I would have gladly postponed my vaccine if it meant higher-risk or frontline workers could get their doses. Regardless, everyone still needs to get vaccinated. It isn’t only about individual immunity; it is about collective protection.