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Fully Vaccinated

less than 1 minute read

Today, my wife gave me another early birthday present: a t-shirt that reads “fully vaccinated club.”

Moss Ball Pet

1 minute read

Even though my birthday is about a week away, Rachel decided to give me an early present. We were in the living room when she received a delivery notificatio...


1 minute read

In 2006, we put an alarm system on our house. While the system worked fine for several years, it was well overdue for an upgrade. Many of the sensors were ...


2 minute read

I’ve been a fan of small computing devices such as a Raspberry Pi. At one point, I wanted to have a display mounted to my office door where passersby could ...

Clear as a Bell

1 minute read

This morning, I attended a free, monthly webinar hosted by Ratliff & Taylor. They provide services such as career transition and executive searches. I ...