Windy Day And Night

1 minute read

It has been a very windy day and night. Last night, we came home to find that our garbage can (and the trash inside it) was missing. We walked up and down the street but we couldn’t find it. We did see, however, that several garbage cans had been blown over. Also, we saw a construction barrel was blown a few blocks from where it had been sitting.

The missing leavesThis morning, not only was our garbage can missing, but several people were missing their garbage cans as well. It had looked as though someone cleaned up all of the trash last night. I’m sure that everything has just blown a few blocks down the street. Also, it looked as someone had raked up all of our leaves. Our backyard was lacking its usual assortment of leaves. After a brief investigation, we found the leaves in a nice pile next to our garage.

Except for a few small branches on our yard, we haven’t had any damage so far. Our neighbors unfortunately didn’t fare so well. Several pieces of their siding were blown off of their house. One of the pieces is just hanging on by their cable wire. That’s been the worst damage that we’ve seen around her so far. We just heard that they closed down the turnpike for larger vehicles (double and triple tractor-trailers). Our in-laws had been vacationing in Kentucky and were planning to come back up today. We told them to stay there for a while until the wind dies down.

Lastly, as you can see by the pictures, we’ve been getting a tiny bit of snow. It only lasts on the ground for a few minutes until it melts. About every ten minutes another batch of snow comes through and then melts again. This is all the snow we’re supposed to get so fortunately we shouldn’t have to shovel today.

Tagline for today: Don’t eat the yellow snow.